3 ways to support the mckinney’s & launch glory church

1. through Prayer

Though this is the easiest way of getting involved, we do not discount the absolute power in prayer. If God is going to be apart of this, then it must be rooted in this spiritual discipline.

So…we would love to have over 500 people committed to joining our prayer team.

You can subscribe to that team, receiving updates and prayer requests, using the form below!

BE ONE OF the 500

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2. Through giving financially

Planting a church is not a cheap endeavor. We will be both raising support for our monthly salary as a family - as well as - raising start-up funds for the launch of Glory Church.

  • we need a team of 60 people committed to supporting our family monthly.

    • We need a team of 60 people committed to supporting our family monthly for just 2-3 years.

    • A simple breakdown below! All the RED below symbolize people who have already committed monthly support! Help us fill this chart up!

    • You can sign up online OR make out a check to Converge Mid-America with “McKinney - Glory Church” in the memo line. Address: 924 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge, IL 60068


  • we need Individuals committed to giving one-time gifts for the launch of glory church.

    This money goes to all start-up costs for the launch; like branding, equipment of all kinds, curriculum, pre-launch events and outreach, marketing, and more!

3. Joining our Launch Team

We have already been amazed by the people that God has brought along to join our team. Whether you already live in Kansas City or find yourself in a season of transition - perhaps God has been prepping you for something new - just know that we would love to have you join us in reaching both KC and this world. We have been humbled by the people who are already committed to making this move with us.

And we would love to have…you.

Plus - On Day 1 of Glory Church, we plan to have a live stream online campus allowing our Declare Glory followers from all over the world to join in as a part of the Glory Church family! So do not discount your involvement simply because you live outside the US!